10 Make-Up Essentials Every Woman Needs

Hi lovelies! Happy Saturday! Ever wondered why make-up artists have so much products? Well, I know I have and I've been thinking wh...

Hi lovelies!
Happy Saturday!

Ever wondered why make-up artists have so much products? Well, I know I have and I've been thinking what exactly do I need as a beginner in the makeup game.

I'm going to be revealing the scoop on 10 essentials you need in your makeup purse.

1. Foundation:
Foundation is extremely crucial in every makeup purse. Whatever the season, a good foundation is  what a gal and her changing skin needs.

2. Highlighter:
 A well placed highlight makes all the difference, a little luminizing swipe over your cheekbones, cupid's bow, corners of your eyes or wherever provides that instant boost.

3. Brow Defining Gel:
Brows have a very expressive feature and a well defined brow can have a big difference on your overall look.

4. Mascara:
This has got to be my favorite. I surely have to tell you a difference a few swipes can make. To get the most out of your lashes, go for a really good one, girl.

5. Concealer:
If you're not on the band wagon, it's time to get on board! No other products covers under-eye dark circles or highlights your face quite like this.

6.  Touch-Up Powder:
To refresh your look during those long days, you can't go wrong with a powder to maintain your flawless look.

7. Beauty Blender/Sponge:
Either you're trying to achieve perfect level of coverage. The beauty blender is very versatile can be used to create an air-brushed effect with your foundation, concealer or powder.

8. Eyeshadow:
The eyes deserve some colour, either a smokey look, nude or shimmery highlights to the inner corners, An Eyeshadow pallete is extremely essential.

9. Red Lipstick:
I mean, lipsticks are important, but the red Lipstick is very versatile. Day, Night or in between you can never go wrong.

10. Primer:
Primer is an absolute MUST HAVE! They provide a smooth canvas for make-up to last all day also retaining the skin moisture. If you have an Oily skin like I do (actually it's just my face that's oily), this is important. It also provides a  smooth surface for foundation to glide on the skin instead of sinking into your pores.

So, if  you've ever wondered 'What Do I   Need?' here's your answer, you're welcome.

Go conquer your day, gal!

Talk to you soon x


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  1. Thank you for this Dami and the affordable shopping options very helpful.


    1. You're very welcome hun.
      Thanks for reading xx


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