10 Ways To Save Money On Make-up

No doubt, makeup products are really expensive these days, especially if you want the best results- I mean, who doesn't - th...

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No doubt, makeup products are really expensive these days, especially if you want the best results- I mean, who doesn't - the habit can become really expensive.

Hi beauties.

To save money on makeup either as a beginner, like me, or you've really up-ed your game, everyone loves to save some cash regardless. So, I made a list of some valuable points below which will most definitely help you in saving money on makeup (or beauty products).

1. Product Reviews
I can't stress how important these are especially before purchasing a new product. This will most definitely reduce the chances of purchasing a bad product you wouldn't like.

2. Make-Up Dupes
Drugstore makeup or Dupes are really recommended compared to high end products. You basically will get the same results.

3. Look Out For Promos
So, I discovered some bloggers/ Youtubers get discount codes that share to their subscribers. Keep an eye out for them and if I get some discounts, I'd be sure to share them with you.

4. Product Samples
Now, I don't know about make-up brands in Nigeria, where I am, but, I know Sephora gives out free samples all you gotta do is, ask!. This way, you get to try out the products and know which works for you.

5. Save Money On Make-Up Remover
Asides, the many advantages of coconut oil/Olive oil, They double as make-up remover, they're really cheap and safe not forgetting how soft and moisturised it leaves your skin afterwards.

6. Look Out For Multipurpose Makeup Products
Some makeup products can easily be used for more than one purpose. For Example, My MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2 - IN - 1 Foundation + Concealer doubled as a foundation and contour.

7. Sign Up For A Rewards Program
Some stores have rewards program for their frequent customers, that'll earn you discounts or even free products. So, if you tend to shop at the same store for makeup or beauty products, reap that reward, gal!

8. Finish Off, First
This I am guilty of, I tend to get a new product before actually exhausting an old one. Be sure to finish off a product before buying another, this way they won't expire and you'll save money.

9. Raid The Travel-sizes
So, if you want to stay away from dupes, and you love your high-ends so much try buying their travel or deluxe sizes instead, of course they are cheaper.

10.  Sign Up For Mailing Lists
Most companies have mailing lists, you could snag a good discount just by subscribing, like 10% off or a free product with each purchase.

These are a few ways you can save some money without compromising your routine.

I'm sure there are lots more, so please leave me a few points in the comments, i definitely could use some or if these points help you, let me know

Thanks for reading xo

Ps: Now, you've learnt how to save money put your new skills to test, below are my favorite low-budget makeup products. I know I'd be snagging some of these steals.

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