20 Things I Learnt At 20

Just yesterday I turned 20, literally! I genuinely expected to feel, I don't know, somewhat different. I mean nineteen to twenty was a...

Just yesterday I turned 20, literally! I genuinely expected to feel, I don't know, somewhat different. I mean nineteen to twenty was a huge leap!

Hello Lovelies,

Well, being 20 hasn't been exactly rosy, hello acne!, but I'm really excited, I turn 21 in exactly 10 days (April 3rd - that's a hint by the way!) I'm getting older!, however I've reflected on most of my experiences this past year and have formed some remarkable conclusions.

Here are 20 things I learnt at 20:

1. It's Okay To Be Addicted To Your Phone
I mean, I've always being the most withdrawn, and thanks to some friends that made me feel like such a douche for punching my phone screen, every time, even at social gatherings. I'm sorry not sorry

2. Never Ever Be Ashamed Of Spongebob
Yes, I'm 20, and I binge watch Spongebob. Thanks nickelodeon!

3. It's Really Okay To Be Single
This I'm yet to accept, wholeheartedly, but I know a girl needs time off to love herself.

4. Exfoliation Works Wonders
I cannot stress this enough, guys!!!

5. You don't have to have it all figured out
I probably never will, but I'm working towards it, I guess

6. It's Okay to say no
I finally learnt to say no, going out of my way for 'friends' was one of my biggest problems

7. Not Everybody Will Like You
You can be the most amazing person in the planet but there be somebody, somewhere who doesn't like you.

8. Get Away From Negative Energy.
Because that WILL suck the life out of you before you know it.

9. Choose Love Over Grudges.
I mean, If I could go back, I'd definitely repair my not-so-good relationship with my dad, Two head strong individuals who think they're in charge, aren't really.

10. Do not Save What doesn't deserve to be saved.
I learnt the Older you get, friendships become the hardest to maintain asides breakouts. Just let go.

11. It's okay to love the puppy snapchat filter.
Well, that's self-explanatory.

12. Take the time to know who you really are.
My journey to self discovery has been beautiful. I was surprised to discover I loved being alone, I might have a little extroverted tendencies but I do value my alone time.

13. You will always always love your first love.
Doesn't mean you want to get back with them, but it's always there, no matter the dust it collects over time, that feeling is still there.

14. You cannot force love or friendships
Walking away is the best decision you'll ever make. Let them go and it'll be okay.

15. It's Okay to have Big feet
This was one of my major insecurities, I think I was 16/17 when I was searching for ways to reduce your shoe size. It might be sad missing out on beautiful shoes cos you're like a size 12 female, but in the long run, it's really okay.

16. Pain, Failure and heartbreaks are the best teachers.
I think I've learnt so much from life's pain and struggles, it genuinely makes you so much stronger. Don't suppress the pain or grief, let them teach you.
 A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor
Tweet:  A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor
17. Let go of expectations.
Expectations in life, relationships, friendships, in yourself. Let go.

18. I Am Beautiful
I can't even begin to tell the story on how self conscious I was, I totally was comparing myself to everyone- if only my skin was lighter or I had thinner thighs. Boy, it wasn't healthy. I finally learnt to accept I am beautiful in my own way.

19. It's okay to be emotional
it's really okay to cry to that song or to that YouTube proposal video. I've learnt to accept that part of me.

20. Travel As Much As You Can
This I never do, and I sincerely hope it changes, this new year.

Those were 20 things I learnt at 20, I learnt quite a lot, no doubt, and I'm so thrilled to be 21. I've waited so long for this. From the times I made my age up because people thought I was too 'mature' for my age.

Here's to 21 and a hundred more years!

Thanks for reading xo.

PS: I love gifts, just putting it out there.

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  1. nice that your got to learn all of that 20:) take advantage of it:) nice post

    1. Thank you so much for reading Grace xx
      I definitely will take advantage of it.


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