Dear Mom, I Love You

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I think moms deserve more 'recognition' than you could ever fit into one day , There must be a million reasons why I love my mom - even if she stopped speaking to me, like she always does - I put together 20 reasons Why I love/ appreciate my mother (yes, I love a good list).

1. She always 'likes' everything I post on Instagram and complains about how inactive my Facebook is.

2. She's my mother and father, I wonder how she pulls this off everytime.

3. She gave me my eye colour -I think mine are a bit lighter 
than hers, but thanks mom.

4. One million meals later, there's nothing better than her cooking.

5. She is so good at bargaining, it's like a super power -though I feel bad for the traders afterwards.

6. She invades my privacy -annoying but, I still love you mom.

7. She accepts and deals with my constant mood swings.

8. She saved my phone number as 'Tall girl' on her phone - I'm not mad I promise. But, who calls their child 'Tall Girl'?

9. I have her smile. I do realize I'm becoming a lot like her, I love it but, it scares me at the same time.

10. Through Runny noses, Cold and Fevers, she is the best nurse ever.

11. She's my Number 1 fan - I remember when I started this blog, she literally said 'I don't know what it is, but I support you'.

12. She always forgives me.

13. She always prays for me, I don't know where I'd be without her prayers.

14. She instilled in me the deep love for Coca-Cola.

15. She has a huge sense of humor.

16. She doesn't understand what exactly I enjoy in Sponge bob.

17. She put up with dad - I still don't understand how.

18. She ate my oddly pink cake from high school cooking class - the cake was hard too!

19. She never missed a Parents -Teacher Meeting. Like never!

20. She's my mother.

For these reasons and more, I love you mom, happy mother's day!

What are the reasons you love your mom? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading xo.

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  1. MOTHERS ARE SIMPLY AMAZING, I can totally relate to most of all these things you have listed but most of all number 11. My mum is my number 1 fan.You should see the way she re-posts my blog post. x

    1. Yes, they truly are.
      Aww Bless her heart.
      Thank you so much for reading love xx


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