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RIP skinnys 
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Today we're going talk about the style that resurrected from the 90s, it has always been regarded as the most unflattering and out-of-style, the mom jeans slowly faded out giving in to the skin tight jeans we've all come to love.
They began disappearing from malls in the late '90s, the Britney Spears low-rise flares era. And then in May 2003, unfashionable denim was turned into something special, when Saturday Night Live aired its famous ad for Mom Jeans.

Jeans, however got darker and skinnier, soon everyone was walking around with little black insects legs. But you can only take one silhouette so far before you wake up one day and suddenly the opposite of everything you used to like now looks fresh and new. And that is happening now! The All-cotton mom jeans gets better with age, you can put them in the dryer, while the stretchy stuff in skinny jeans wears out quickly. Durability Baby!!!
I have 3 chic ways to style your mom jeans, shall we? 
1. Street Chic
What's more appealing than mom jeans and a pair of sneakers?
Jeans rolled up at the hem paired with a simple crop and sneakers for a relaxed yet stylish look for the day about town. For a more risqué look, pair with high waisted fishnets. Thank me later.

2. Boho Chic 
Retro, Retro and more Retro

Nothing more satisfying than gorgeous oxfords. Pair with a turtleneck or a simple polo for a more classic boho look.

3. Work Chic
Mom Jeans and stilettos, is it hot in here?!
Except your job requires you wearing a uniform, pairing your mom jeans with some nice stilettos would do the magic! Pair with a nice silk shirt for that added glam!

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