Letter To My Younger Self


Dear 7th Grade Dami,

First and foremost, Brace yourself , Daddy's Dying, you're going to lose him in a couple of years, but before that mom and dad will be separated. You'll see and watch them fight, curse each other out, the best solution cry, it's really okay to. You being the first kid doesn't mean you're the head of the house. 

You should also know that your plans to conquer the world and have your life together  at 22, are not going to happen. Fortunately some much better things are in store for you, they are right in front of you but you’re too blinded by your own ambition to see that right now.
For God's sake! Stop being so shy, before you know it a large part of your life is gone and you'd spend it walking  school hallways alone or handling science projects on your own. 
Let’s see, what else? Oh Boys Are Trouble! Take your time, don't think everyone is as innocent as you are, best believe They will ruin a large part of your life and feel no remorse.

Bet you're keeping a diary, when you’re writing in it, try to write about things other than boys. Write about your family and your feelings, write about your goals and your fears. Try not to be shallow.

You are not skinny. No, really, you’re not. No, not even a little bit. In a few years, you'd be turned down for trying to achieve your lifelong dream, modeling, but don't beat yourself up, it's not for you. 
Oh please, do not drink mass quantities of Vodka on an empty stomach when at Segun's party, you're barely legal and vomit isn't pretty.
Be compassionate to your Dad, try to endure I know it's crazy but he loves you- he even died on your laps.
Also, You'll be depressed for years (I hate to tell you that unfortunately, this doesn’t change, you simply have to become more aware of the problem  and talk to somebody, you never do,but try. Not everything is the end  of your existence.

Take more pictures. 
Lastly, Don't trust people too much, trust your mom and instincts, don't go out of your way to please people who wouldn't do anything for you , what matters more is your happiness and that the things you take important are usually not. 
Learn from your mistakes.

PS: your hair is going to be shorter and your flawless face will be filled with acne scars. But, you'll be fine.


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  1. This is a good read. Lol @ "your hair is going to be shorter and your flawless face will be filled with acne scars". That's life!


    1. OMG girl! I wish I knew earlier lol.
      Thank you so much for reading xx


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