My Favorite Youtubers - You'll Love Them!

Hello again! So, it took me a month to finally decide to publish this post, mainly because I was like 'who cares about ...

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Hello again!
So, it took me a month to finally decide to publish this post, mainly because I was like 'who cares about youtubers I stalk follow?'. I'm not going to lie - I watch a lot of YouTube in my free time. Mostly for educational and entertainment purposes.

I'm not a fan of 'mainstream' YouTube at all, it's not as fun
So, as the sweetheart that I am (before I begin my vlog ), I made a list of my favorite youtubers because I feel some have less viewers than they deserve and i just love them -to illustrate this you'd get a little 'taste' of their creativity.

Shall we begin?

I really don't know how I discovered these fun Somali sisters but trust me, it has NOT been a dull moment ever! They're just hilarious and a very beautiful pair to watch.
Halssa also makes some really helpful makeup tutorials. 

Words can't explain how amazing Rickey is to watch.
I love how his personality shines through whatever he does - vlog, random rants, anything- I can sit for hours binge watching Rickey. His Instagram is just as entertaining.

Erica is a London-based fashion stylist and overall #Girlboss. She talks about everything fashion styling, loving yourself -everything. Her blog is one I genuinely love, you can literally see her enthusiasm radiate through anything she does. 

My best girl!
I'm such a fan girl when it comes to Gwacey (don't worry it's still Grace). Grace, being Yoruba, makes her channel one I definitely relate to. She just chats away, giving me hair goals and a lot more - including hurting my sides from so much laughter.

So, if you see my makeup on a major fleek, Ronke is most likely responsible.
Her makeup game is seriously off the charts, so is her chemistry with her boyfriend - #goals! 

Jackie is a Los-Angeles based Nigerian Beauty. She literally covers everything skincare and makeup. She also does excellent -and extensive- beauty collection vids with comparisons (I call her the Queen of 'makeup dupes').

'Goddess vibes'
I just started following Chrissie and I love her for sure.
She is a style vlogger and covers little bits of makeup and skincare - and I love her hair #Naturalista.

I'm a little mad at Dami for ghosting on YouTube for almost 8months - but yeah, I love him.
Think Nigerian Stahr Milan, yes, that's Dami.
He's tutorials, story times and reviews are very entertaining. You'll definitely fall in love with his personality.

Think Liquid Gold, that's Nyma.
Her Melanin? Sweet baby Jesus!!
She shares her journey dealing with being bullied because she was dark skinned to Make up tutorials, reviews, DIYs and giveaways.

These two are just adorable together. If you're looking for the right amount of cute, funny and down right outrageous pranks, Khalil and Corie are your go-to.

Who are your favorite Youtubers? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading xo

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  1. This post just made me realized how mainstream I am. The only youtuber i'm familiar with here is Ronke Raji. I've never heard of the others you listed. I'll definitely check them out.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Omg darling. You'll love them, I promise.
      Thank you so much for reading xx


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