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Hi Loves! Happy Wednesday! I'm all shades of excited, why? Well Bronzedout.com is Live! In my 
First blog post, it was part of my little 'bucket list' of things to achieve this month.

Is it me or am I genuinely excited for spring (We don't have spring in Nigeria by the way!) but with all these new beauty and fashion trends this season, I can't  wait!
Don't forget Mother's day is around the corner, I'm putting a little list of gift ideas (under a budget of course), Even if all they did was tell us to get along with our siblings, our entire lives, they are simply awesome!

Also, this weekend, I've been having such 'Vlog fever' especially since I had such an eventful weekend and my phone decided to be a bum - time for a new phone- by the way, a YouTube channel was made and I can hardly wait to start shooting.

Thanks to everyone that's been reaching out to me and reading this blog, you're amazing! 

Stay Tuned (that sounds like what I'd say on television) more fun trends and topics coming your way soon!


I put together a 'Lust List' you can shop from (no matter your budget) SHOP MY POSTS, also a few pieces, looks from my previous posts or my personal style, feel free honey.

Have A Fabulous Wednesday! 

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