Spring 2017 Runway Fashion Trends


Prepare for impact! Hello lovelies.

So, spring 2017 and the coming months are definitely bringing a massive change to closets around the world. From Ruffles, stripes and florals, spring is coming in with a bang!

1. Stripes
Multicoloured stripes prevailed on the runways especially at the New York Fashion Week.

2. 80's Punk
The metallic robes, thigh high socks and platforms are back ladies and gentlemen! I honestly think Marc Jacobs killed this trend, no doubt.

3. Ruffles
Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles
This trend doesn't fade as it seems to be in vogue. Oscar De La Renta had me drooling at the Ruffles in form of tiered skirts.

4. The 'Wallflower'
I don't think anyone can think of spring fashion without having Florals on their minds.

5. The Off-shoulder
The number one thriving  trend has got to be the off-shoulder trend. One-shoulder, off-shoulder, cut-outs, no matter the variations, you got to  show off them shoulders honey!

6. Sheer/Mesh
I mean, who doesn't like a little peekaboo in their lives and closets? I know I do.

Well, even if I didn't catch any of the runway shows, I've been watching really closely (thanks pinterest) and I can say a lot of trends aren't going anywhere.

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Love Always xx

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