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Over the knee or thigh high boots  has been a trend that's not going anywhere anytime soon. There’s always been a 'stigma' with over the knee boots, they can come across a bit stripper-ish, I think there’s a very thin line between looking stripper-ish and chic in over the knee boots. 
When worn correctly you are quite comfortably sitting in the chic section and have no need to worry about looking risque.
I'm going to be sharing my favorite looks shall we?
One of my favorite looks is the shirt dress paired with the thigh-highs. A very hot combo!
I love love love this look. Ordinarily a skirt like this with thigh high boots can look a bit risque, but adding the turtle-neck to the equation distracts us from all of that - very boho chic.
Why hello there Kelly!
I adore the beautiful velvet cape look and the hair? Nothing's more perfect.
I adore this jean tuck look. Skinny jeans and that truck jacket and you're on Chic highway!
Layers, baby! Perfect fit. 

Thanks for reading dolls, let me know your favorites looks or share yours with me xo

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