CHIT-CHAT: Hello April!


Hello again, Lovelies!
It's April, Finally! 
Please, bear with the overly excited person here- I mean, it's my birthday in about 27 hours or so and yes, I'm excited.

How is your weekend going? And how was March for you?

Last Month was amazing for me, asides the fact that I pulled out of my 30-day Pilates Challenge HERE, I got to accomplish quite a handful of personal goals.

April looks Lit already, lots of plans for the blog and more, 
please stay with me.

Thank you so much for reading and dropping your comments, they mean a lot to me x

And Darling,
By All Means, Florish!

PS: I've been curious about getting a top-to-toe wax for the longest time, If you've tried this (or waxing at all), How did it go?,   please share your 'story' with me in the comments 

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  1. Happy belated birthday and happy new month xx!

    1. Thank you very much m'love. Thanks for reading! xx


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