Is Dark Skin Supposed To Be Ugly?


"You're really pretty for a dark skinned girl" 
Firstly, 'that' does not in any way fit as a compliment!

Hi lovelies, 
So, I finally made my first official outing since my surgery and honestly it did feel good.

I was making my usual rounds at the Mall - checking if Mango finally has a Jean my size (that's a story for another day). This young man stopped me and heaven knows he is was handsome.
The first thing this fellow told me was that, I was too pretty for a dark skinned girl. I mean, no one will crucify you for registering your admiration for a dark skinned lady, but that string of words is, and would not be appealing.

My question is this, Is Dark Skin supposed to be ugly? The funny thing is I receive this compliments way too often from Fellow Nigerians. I mean , it's hard to accept such a compliment. It's all shades of rude, disrespectful and a back handed compliment.

The sad thing is that these people think they're saying something really sweet. People need to learn how to give a compliment or simply back off.

Have you received any offensive compliments before? Do let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading xo
You're beautiful.
Love Always,

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