MAC 'Light Festival' Eyeshadow x9 Palette: Review

Hi Loves! Happy Friday! So, October 30th 2016 was the Diwali festival - Hindu Religious Celebration- and MAC decided to release a...

Hi Loves!
Happy Friday!

So, October 30th 2016 was the Diwali festival - Hindu Religious Celebration- and MAC decided to release a limited edition eyeshadow palette in honour of the Festival

I literally don't know why I was able to buy this in Lagos but I did, for 23,000 Naira ($75) no kidding! 

This palette features 9 vibrant and rich colours that represents the fireworks displayed at the festival.

 TOP ROW: Rice Paper, Goldmine, Amber Lights.
MIDDLE ROW: Coppering, Cranberry, Embark.
LAST ROW: Humid, Deep Truth, Carbon.

1. It comes in a lightweight and attractive travel size container with a transparent flip cover.
2. It's a must have for metallic, bold jewel tones lovers.
3. It's really long lasting.
4. It works amazingly on Light skin tones.

1. It's not very flattering for Dark skin tones
2. The colours are not pigmented, especially the Brown and Black hues.
3. It was really expensive - which is not surprising for a MAC product.
4. The Black (Carbon) shade is very stiff and requires a lot effort with blending.

The colours are not as pigmented as I would have loved them to be.
 However, I spray some hydrating mist to my brushes before application - or distilled water- this sort of 'awakens' the colours making them more vibrant (It doesn't affect the shadow)
Before Mist:

After Mist:

PS: with or without the mist, The brown and black still appears kind of dull, which is nice if you're using it as a transition colour.

I love the Amber lights hue which is the Rich Orange Copper- like shade, it's one of the most pigmented and doubles as my highlights. The Rich Shimmery Sapphire Shade is just simply too cute - I love how rich it is. 

Will I repurchase? 
Probably Not.
It doesn't work for darker skin tones. 

This Particular palette is Sold Out, but some colours made a reappearance in the permanent collection. I'd try to find them and attach a link.

Thanks for reading!
Have a fabulous day xo

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  1. I abolutely loved the Deep truth shade but it didn't work for me, I'm Caucasian btw.
    MAC made this for Indian skin specifically.
    Thanks for your honestvreview.

    Where did you get that tear drop earing?


    1. Hi Bev!
      I totally agree, one of the reasons I was surprised it popped up at a Nigerian MAC store.
      thank you so much for your kind words m'love.

      PS: The Emerald Earrings were custom made for my mom. I stole it for this flatlay lol. I'd find something similar and attach a link.

      Thank you so much for reading xo.


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