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I think we all have those moments when we eye items from online stores and we just add to the basket, close the window and continue some other time, because we just can't afford them yet.
Fashion wishlist

Well, I do. When A reader (Hi Remi!)  asked me the other day, what my most wanted spring fashion items were, I simply made a list here (if you haven't read it, please do). Then I realised I had so many items in carts, across various online stores!!

Hi lovelies!

These are some of the  items in my current 'save-for-later-whenever-i'm-ready-to-treat-myself' list.

Oh and BTW, I'm Reading this, it was gifted to me on my birthday, thanks mom!

In the cart:
1.  Silk flared pants From Missguided
I'm obsessed with Missguided. So, when I saw this silk flared pants I absolutely fell in love. Did I mention I loved Flared pants? I can totally see myself in this with a lace body suit, having my well deserved birthday soiree.

I'm totally planning a huge Zaful haul soon, and when I do this sandals will be my first purchase, because I absolutely love their pieces. The fantastic thing about them is they ship to Nigeria and they are very affordable.

3.  Boyfriend's Jeans From Levi's
I cannot express how disappointed I was when I discovered that Mr Price Nigeria only stocked ripped boyfriend/mom jeans, they weren't even ripped in those cute little way -it was like someone angrily ran a laser through them.
Okay, Levi's are like the absolute go-to for everything denim, and I love this particular one.

4. Celine Phantom Tote
Talk about Lovely Leathery Luxury.
I love me some Céline. I might not be able to afford them anytime soon, but it'll keep sitting cute in my cart - alongside the 6 others.

5. Fenty x Puma Bow Sneakers By Rihanna
Oh the cuteness!!!

I love these babies, I love everything in the Fenty Collection. I mean, how cute does it get?

That's it for some of the items I'm completely lusting over but are currently taking the 'chill pill' in their various carts.

What are your most wanted fashion items? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading! 
Love always,

PS: You can shop for these items too, just click the words in grey xo

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