Why Treating Yourself Is Important

Hello lovelies! Happy new month! So, I haven't written in like forever (10 days actually), here's the thing, trying to get back...

Hello lovelies!
Happy new month!
So, I haven't written in like forever (10 days actually), here's the thing, trying to get back to 'regular programming' after a while can be a little tricky, but guess who's back?! (it's rhetorical, don't worry).

Welcome to my first edition of the ' Treat Yourself ' Series, I'm so excited to share something that is really important to me and has helped me.

So, I concluded that it was time to love myself more. I was literally the ride-or-die friend, just generally being the rock star when it came to friendships.

 Relationships had a big impact in this decision too. Imagine finally 'falling in love',  becoming more 'lovable'  and it's one-sided, you are left with a version of yourself you do not recognize, completely drained.

Sometimes, Treating yourself can sound like splurging on some new shoes or a weekend in Tahiti (my dream - literally!) but, this goes way past that. Self-love is extremely powerful and transforming, I mean, why not take that attention (love or whatever) and give it to yourself.
Your values, beliefs and those cute little imperfections will change over time all you have and are left with is the person you are right now.

Keeping that in mind sweethearts, here's why you need to give yourself the love you give to others (it worked for me!)

1. You get to keep that love Forever
Girl, imagine the love that literally never dies! Incredibly comforting and powerful, you don't need anyone's approval.

2.  It's your Job to Love You

No body in this world would love and adore you like you will. When you cultivate this steady inflow of love to yourself, it takes pressure off your relationships.

3. You Cannot Love If You Don't have Love
You can't give what you don't have, or can you?  Loving others without expecting anything in return says a lot about your self-love.

4. You'll love yourself no matter what
Having your back means, there's always mistakes made, but you'll be back feeling just as lovable as before.
You are your BFF.

5. Your Positive Energy Attracts the Right Crowd.
There's a certain positivity that comes with the confidence that self-love brings, this will attract people that will unconditionally treat you well (how cool is that?!). You confidently will choose the right fit and set up healthy boundaries.

PS: If you feel most alive in the company of others not in your own company, you'll need to check your self-love honey, it'll only make you feel validated for a short time, trust me.

I Hope This Helps you like it did, me. If you enjoyed reading this, please leave me a comment below, I love to hear from you.
Join me on the next edition of this series.
Thank you so much for reading.
Love Always,

"... Love Your Neighbours As You Love Yourself..."
Mark 12:31

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  1. Everything you've said is so so true :) I'm working on loving myself more and the impact that that makes on your life is unbelievable!! I can't wait for the next post in your self-love series!!

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/


    1. Nothing compares to self-love, the more people realise that, the better. Thank you so much for reading, Chloe.

  2. This is so beautiful,literally got all the right points.

    1. I'm glad you love it. Thank you so much for reading.


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