Now, You've Decluttered Your Home, What's next?


Spring came with a lot of blog posts that went on and on (and on!) about closet/home decluttering. I couldn't help but wonder, after all the spring cleaning What's next? What do we do about all the extra (maybe a couple of bags full) 'belongings' hanging in those hidden spots?

Hello Lovelies,
Happy Friday!!! It's the weekend -finally!.

So, I'm going to be sharing 3 ways to ensure that your wardrobe (or home) stays decluttered, not just for spring.

1. Sell, Donate, Recycle
Sell, if what ever pieces you cleared out are worth something , why not make a little money by selling them? Think of it as a way to kick start the savings for that new bag you couldn't get your eyes off or just kickstart a savings account.
Better still, You could donate it to charity, someone could definitely benefit from your little clutter.
All unwanted items = Out The Door!

2. Sentimental belongings? Take care of them!
I know how we feel about Sentimental items. We all have emotional attachments to certain belongings that reminds us of moments or people that can be very difficult to part with. I know I do (I have two of my dad's shirts I still wear 'till today)
My advice, If there are items that has some family sentiments, pass it on. Tackle Sentimental belongings and remember they are only physical representations.

3. The Old Habits, Need to Die.
Old habits are difficult to kill but are worth it. Getting rid of these habits will prevent the clutter from creeping back in. The secret to a clutter free home is  making a huge effort by creating brand new habits that help to maintain your new decluttered home.
Invest in self-care, neglecting this can be the reason why we end up in a clutter-filled 'world'.

Lastly, Enjoy Your Home (or wardrobe - wherever has been decluttered)
 Appreciate  what you own and be entirely content.

Thank you so much for reading, Loves.
Love Always,

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  1. Haha, old habits are really hard to kill, but taking baby steps into fixing that. Recently sold a bunch of my old clothes and accessories and it felt really good :). Wishing you a lovely day! xx


    1. Girl, I couldn't agree more. Habits are probably the hardest thing to deal with when decluttering.
      Thanks you so much for stopping by love.


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