20 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas


Summer has officially began, however it's still very chilled in Lagos but hey Summer.
I understand how stressful having a writer's block can be, so,  I'd be here for you to run back to when that creeps in.

1. 10 things we don't know about you
2. Travel Wishlist
3. Favorite Drink Recipe
4. Guilty Pleasure List
5. Favorite scent
6. Letter to your younger / Older Self
7. What's on my phone
8. Favorite YouTube Channel / Youtubers
9. Turn your favorite quote into a graphic picture and share how it has helped you.
10. Host a guest post
11. Weekend Unplug
12. Day in your life
13. Three things you can't live without
14. Taking Stock
15. Share your playlist
16. Picnic Ideas
17. What I bought lately
18. Best Café in your city
19. Morning/ Bedtime routine
20. Location Review

There you have 20 lifestyle blog post ideas to keep you going! I hope you find them helpful and if you use any of them do let me know, I'd love to read.

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Enjoy your day
Love Always,

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