How To Treat Yourself | The Treat Yourself Series

Treating yourself sounds like taking yourself out to some fancy dinner (or to the movies like I always do), but there are a lot of fun thing...

Treating yourself sounds like taking yourself out to some fancy dinner (or to the movies like I always do), but there are a lot of fun things to do to make yourself feel as regal as possible.

If you missed the previous post from this series,  do check it out  here,  I was talking about why treating yourself is important. Have a look..

Hello lovelies,
How are you doing?
Happy Friday!!
I'm going to be sharing 15 ways on how to treat yourself.

1. Keep A Journal
I know you might be wondering, how does keeping a journal make me feel better?  But,  I realized writing about your dreams,  fears,  Hopes is kind of calming and healing.

2. Help someone out
Either by giving out to the needy or helping a senior cross the street, there's a certain glow and happiness we feel by been of help. You're happy.  They're happy,  everyone wins!

3. Treat your feet and hands
It's relaxing ( except you're super ticklish on your feet, like I am, I bet my pedicurist is tired of me!).

4. Give Yourself Compliments
Yes,  it's okay to be vain when it comes to self love. Guess who looks smashing today?! You Do!!  So Do I! Leave yourself love notes, be your own lover.

5. Avoid Toxic Relationships
Relationships or Friendships that do not contribute to your happiness and success should be avoided.
Do you suspect that your 'friend' or partner Depresses you or gets you dOwn with their negativity? It's time to let go.

6. Change your sheets
Something my mom told me a while ago, clean sheets means a more relaxed bedtime (or naptime) let's not forget less breakouts.

7. Listen To Some music
Music has a way of calming and bringing happiness to the mind. Put your favorite songs in a playlist and listen over and over again.

8. See A Movie
Nothing beats going to the movies,  alone on a weekday afternoon. There's something peaceful about seeing a movie alone in a quiet cinema.

9. Learn Something New
A new recipe, you've always wanted to try or that new workout routine, And master them.

10. Early Nights are the best nights
Call it a day, postpone your chores 'till tomorrow,  get in bed with a book or a movie.

11.  Take Your Dreams Seriously
It's okay to be ambitious. Write your. Goals for the year or month and work towards achieving them.

12. Spend Time with people that make you happy
Being with people that make you feel absolutely good about yourself and makes you happy does a lot for your self confidence and well-being.

13. Consider Your Needs and fulfill them
Emotional stability comes with fulfillment of your needs. Consider your needs, take care of them before Extending that 'kindness' to others.

14. Buy yourself a gift
It doesn't have to be a pair of Louboutins or a nice Hermes bag (if you can afford it,  go ahead girl!)  but, sometimes a new lippy or a new facial scrub can bring a little feel good buzz.

15. Accept Yourself
All the points I've listed will be useless if you don't accept yourself.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Don't beat yourself up. Allow yourself to be who you truly are.

You're enough as you are
You're worthy
You deserve happiness and love
You deserve to have everything you desire...

Thank you so much for reading.

Love always,

Ps: the book featured is First Born by the beautiful Sarah Aluko.
You can buy the book HERE
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  1. This was helpful! I NEED to do more of this especially this summer!
    btw, you look so beautiful! i love your blog

    1. I'm so happy I am able to inspire you, love.
      Thank you so much for the compliments ,means a whole lot to me.
      Thanks for reading xo


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