Taking Stock : One

Time to go back to the less serious, more fun blogging days. I spotted  Stephanie's taking stock post(check out her blog  Here ) an...

Time to go back to the less serious, more fun blogging days. I spotted  Stephanie's taking stock post(check out her blog Here) and since the response to my TMI Tag post (here) was massive, I'm in! 

Hi lovelies, 
Its Friday!!
Time to let you into my world, grab a cuppa and enjoy.


Making : An astonishing progress in everything, school and health-wise. Progress is good, right? 

Drinking: the creamiest cup of Hot chocolate. Yes,  it's past midnight. I know. 

Listening : to  Tatiana Menaios' Like You, on repeat. It's an awfully beautiful song,  very relaxing (Search Dami O.  On soundcloud and keep up with my favorite songs).

Eating: A lot of fruits lately. I had a fruit salad for dinner and I'm proud of myself. I literally am following my June  resolutions.

Reading: Nothing yet.  I absolutely forgot to download Kindle yesterday so I can hop on to Sarah Aluko's First Born.  I'd do that today, definitely, you should too. 

Thinking: Of all the meetings I scheduled for this weekend, I'm stressed thinking about them, already.

Wishing : For an all expense paid summer vacation to Greece, it's so beautiful there and it's well deserved. I need a break from all the chaos in my life.

Wanting: a paid summer internship program, preferably in the fashion area. 

Smelling: Dew.  It's almost 2am so that's absolutely normal.

Loving: My new phone and Manicure. Grey is absolutely not one of my favorite colors but on my nails?  Super adorable. Coincidentally, my phone is grey too. 

Praying: For world peace. It's super scary hearing about the lots killed in racist, terrorist attacks. I hope there's peace soon in all countries affected (even mine, Nigeria).

Laughing : on the phone with a friend. Yes,  I have friends that call at weird hours.

Wearing: An oversized tee and its super comfy.

Feeling : very thankful for life, most especially. When I think about everything that goes on in the world, today,  I'm most grateful.

Noticing: how my acne scars have been clearing up and how brighter my skin is ,  don't worry  I'd let you in on my current  skincare routine.

Subscribed :  to an awful lot of YouTubers lately, mostly comedians. When I'm feeling down (and the internet is not down)  I just click on a video and laugh the night away,  literally.

Astonished: how much my instagram following has increased, still hoping its real. Most of them are also bloggers / influencers like myself.

That's it for my very first stock taking. If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading.
Love always, 

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