The Ultimate Guide To A Skincare Routine

The ultimate guide to a skincare routine - no lime/lemon involved! Skincare doesn't need to be too expensive or complicated to work...

The ultimate guide to a skincare routine - no lime/lemon involved!

Skincare doesn't need to be too expensive or complicated to work the wonders they were born to perform, just a little bit of thoughtfulness works it's magic.
Grab a cuppa darling, this is totally worthwhile! 

Hello lovelies!
Happy Friday!, How are you doing?
Alright, we all know everyone deserves a proper skincare routine in order to have a flawless and spotless complexion  -don't we all?

I've been able to reduce my acne and hyper-pigmentation scars with these 6 easy steps, it works! - Get in here girls!

1. A Bad ass Makeup Remover
Now, I discovered face wipes weren't enough, when it comes to taking off makeup, a clean canvas (face) is key! I love damping my entire face or wherever make up has been with coconut oil  (or almond oil) then proceeding with my wipes. It lifts everything easily and you know the many benefits of coconut oil for the skin. We all know how annoying  left over under-eye makeup and mascara can be?, I loved the Neutrogena Oil free Eye Make up remover when i used it, sadly, i can't find it anywhere in Lagos.

2. A No nonsense Cleanser
Don't we all get tired of those 'Jack of all trades' cleansers, the ones that promises to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate ( some even claim to nourish).
 All a girl needs, is a cleanser that lifts dirt off the face easily and after I studied my skin and clogging it with harmful cleansers (literally!) I knew I was extremely acne and breakout prone. The Garnier Micellar  Water and a cotton pad works perfectly for my skin.

3. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
I cannot stress how important exfoliating is, we all need to get rid of dead skin cells, asides that, Exfoliating helps in improving the skin's texture, appearance and clarity giving a brighter skin. I remember my first Facial Scrub, The Queen Helene Oatmeal and Honey Scrub ,it was soothing, very gentle and I literally could see a difference, every time I washed it off. Then, My current fave. The Aveeno Positively radiant Brightening scrub which I used along with the Vanity Planet Exfoliating Spin Brush (which I lost in transit), it worked amazingly for my skin. I can't wait till I re-purchase the Spin Brush ( You can Get it 70% off the brush HERE ).

4. Get Masked
We all know the benefits of a good facial mask. My favourite thing about face masks is how 'tight' it leaves the face afterwards. the right face masks work amazingly in pulling out toxins, unclogging pores and even helping in toning the skin.
If you want that deep cleansing face mask that is absolutely relaxing and gives you an inevitable glow, you should try a face mask, its even important to your general  skin routine as it makes your moisturiser, lotion or serum absorbed faster. My fave kind of masks are the peel off mask, i absolutely can't wait to try the activated charcoal, everyone seems to be obsessed with ( If you have, do leave Me a comment on how it worked for you).

5.. You Got To Moisturise Baby!
I cannot explain how much important using a moisturiser is,  asides preventing ashy knees and elbows (and feet!! My biggest pet peeves), It helps in hydrating the skin, after all these routine steps, the skin tends to feel dry, moisturisers helps to return the moisture lost.
it is also important to use a moisturiser that contains SPF 15+, to prevent sun damage to the skin. my favourite moisturiser to use is the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion, I've been using this for almost 5years (Yes, I'm obsessed!) I can never get tired of the Cocoa Butter fragrance at all, its extremely good and your body literally smells of cocoa butter, ALL DAY!!

6. Eat Healthy 
One of my new year resolutions was to workout and be awfully healthy this year, the workout part failed by the way, but i literally have noticed a lot of changes since i started eating right.
Here's the thing, i was eating to be fit, but over the first few months i noticed a lot of difference, including smooth and brighter skin. This year has probably been the year i ate the most fruits (in my entire life). I believe eating healthy helps a lot for the skin and the entire body.

What is your skin routine like And what products do you swear by? What do you think about the activated charcoal trend, have you tried it?
Let me know in the comments, you know i always love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading.
Have a wonderful Friday!
Love always,

Photo Credit: Missy Sue ( Check Her out blog Here)


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