Blogging with a full time job

Blogging with a full time job appeared first on Bronzed Out. From What i've noticed, most bloggers work full time jobs completely ...

Blogging with a full time job appeared first on Bronzed Out.
From What i've noticed, most bloggers work full time jobs completely unrelated to their various niches.

Hi Everyone and my glazed Lovers,
Happy Wednesday! So, the gloomy weather is back and its really annoying.
I just got the job position at an amazing online fashion brand as a fashion intern and trust me when i say all my hours are taken up, meaning I work during the day and my nights ( and weekends) are taken up with blog related stuff or trying to catch up o my social life thats totally lagging behind.
When i started blogging, I had a lot of free time at home so, it was really easy to achieve that 1-post-a-day mark i made for myself.
Finding the motivation to go ahead and blog after a long stressful day especially with the terrible  daily Lagos traffic can be very frustrating.
Here are three ways to run a blog with a full time job without losing your mind, yes, its possible!

1. Work With Your Schedule
Obviously, The days are taken up by work, I left nights or those long hours in traffic for writing and coming up with blog post ideas.
Now that i've decided to make Bronzed Out more personal style oriented meaning i'd have regular photoshoots and all that good stuff. Its important to incorporate photo shoots, blog posting, link ups, and networking into your daily life finding a way to split the days between play time, blog time and work time.

2. Take Up Blogging As An Hobby - And Enjoy It!
When blogging begins to look like a job when you actually have one, it becomes very overwhelming. Think of your blog and everything as your me-time, be creative, play around, learn new skills, network and socialize, the point is enjoy yourself, darling.
We, bloggers, tend to get carried away by trying to reach a specific amount of  social media followers, page-views and putting up a certain number of times a week which takes away the fun from blogging and turns it into a competition. Set realistic goals and enjoy yourself.

3. Don't Lose Yourself
Life and your happiness superseeds everything else, best believe. I know no matter what you can do, its very important to check in with yourself when you're trying to balance things out your job and blog. Take your time out to be sure if you're happy and not missing out on life. The most important thing to prioritize is your happiness. Remember when you're happy your work will be better.

Do you have a full time job you combine with blogging? What tips work for you? Do let me know in the comments you know i always love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.
Love Always,

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  1. Ok,am not a blogger but sincerely whilst reading some new ideas �� popped into my head on how I can balance mixology & my other job... thanks Dami, you are the best. ������

    1. I'm Glad I was able to help Braidey.
      Thank you so much for reading hun.


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