Where: Mai saa Beauty Spa, Lagos.

Where:   MAI-SAA BEAUTY SPA. LOCATION: 30, providence street off 2nd roundabout, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.  PHONE: 081360...


30, providence street off 2nd roundabout, Lekki Phase One, Lagos. 


Hello everyone and my glazed lovers,
happy monday!
so yesterday, i got invited to the Maissa Beauty Spa launch and trust me to 'rush' to a spa that promotes the northern culture (I got it from my mom!)
Peep my reflection.

I got to the venue at 4pm (i was two hours fashionably late) walked in to a very calm and relaxing ambience! Met a lot of  blogger sisters, did i mention it was relaxing? I needed that level of serenity in preparation for the busy work week.

Let me fill you in on what Mai Saa Northern spa is all about and why I'm so excited about it.
Mai-saa is an alternative northern traditional spa that incorporates the ancient beauty secrets. It is owned by Hadiza Maina (The most pleasant person ever).

It was really beautiful and thoughtful to see her bring all these northern treatments she grew up watching down to the south.

Of course, trust the northerners and their hospitality, there was a lot to eat and drink from Kilishi (Nigerian beef jerky), Masa (Rice cake),  Alkaki (Northern Pretzels) to my favorite drink of all time Zobo (Hibiscus Drink), We were well taken care of. 

Proceeding up the stairs lined with incense and a miniature waterfall, it leads to the spa where all the pampering takes place. 
You're welcomed with a display of their products for sale from Scented Candles, Incenses to Black Soap and Perfumes, all of which are affordable.

The best part of the whole thing was the complimentary henna that was given to all guests!!

The Mai saa Traditional Spa is definitely a place to be not only to be pampered but to become part of the family. It's a genuine and relaxing experience. 

I can't wait to go back for my spa day after I finish counting my coins, of course. You can view their price list, services and book an appointment on their website Here.

What do you think of traditional spas? Do let me know in the comments you know i always love to hear from you.
Thank you so much for reading.

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Love always,

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