Yum: Pizze-Riah, Lagos

Our Meal Resturant: Pizze-Riah, Lagos. 13, Musa Yar'adua Street, Victoria Island Lagos The Beautiful Ambiance  Hello love...

Our Meal

Resturant: Pizze-Riah, Lagos.
The Beautiful Ambiance 
Hello lovelies and my glazed lovers.
Happy Thursday!
So, after the no-movement thing in Lagos last Saturday (due to the elections), i and my best friend decided to have a day out the next day, doing what we always do, eat!
Pizze-riah came to mind, let's just say they boast of the best pizza in Lagos.
Pizze-riah is an Italian pizza place...
The Only Picture We Managed To Take.

The Pizza Menu
Drinks Menu

Anyhoo, On To The Fooood...
One thing i noticed immediately i drove in was that, majority of their clients were white which actually had me worried. i was hoping i'd at least be able to eat (i don't have a diverse palate - working hard at rectifying that, I promise).

We ordered Half of The Alla Riccardo and Half Suya Pizza 'cos its hard to choose just one.
for drinks, I had a bottle of coca cola and water.
Our Order took several minutes to be taken, and when it eventually came, we had to beg for basic things like paper towels and ice...

The Suya pizza was bomb, the Alla Riccardo was amazing as well, it was my very first time having cheese ( It didn't disappoint).
Mid-meal, Bestie suggested their Chicken Suya and Fries, which we ordered and got to us when we were almost done with the pizza- it was worth the wait, trust me!

The chicken suya was 1000% and extremely affordable


After all the 'festivities' our bill came, The bill was 6,100 Naira for everything!

MY Score Sheet:

Price : 4/5 Affordable! This is a plus for a pizza parlour on the island, i hope to return soon.

Ambiance: 5/5 Very very calm. For it to be located in what could probably pass as the busiest part of Lagos, it was really quiet.

Service: 1/5 After all the great reports, the service was terrible! You're left unattended to till you literally 'beg' for attention.
Also, their payment is cash only! took us several minutes to 'convince' them to get a POS machine from their 'sister' restaurant. Regardless, their staff were extremely polite.

Dami's tip:
try to get the best seat before it gets filled up, you're welcome.
Your best bet is the half-in-half pizza. 

have you visited pizze-riah? what do you think?
would you like me to visit more spots? do let me know in the comments, you know i always love to hear from you (or if you want to brunch sometime, let me know).

thank you so much for reading.
love always,

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