The Rain Is Driving Me Insane!


Remember when Rain was bliss? Not now, not anymore It gets me moody.
I'm currently over the non-stop rain, i mean, its been raining for 3 days non-stop... 

hi lovelies! happy Friday!
Happy new month.
i got to work quite late yesterday, thanks to the flooded roads and traffic, got me wondering where our summer went! 
I'm here hoping it doesn't rain this weekend cos i got a whole lot planned. Its also becoming harder and harder finding fun things to do in this weather or even staying awake at work, when you just want to be cuddled up in bed netflix-ing or sipping some hot chocolate.

So guys, what do you do to stay active on a rainy day especially when you have to be at work or school?
Do let me know in the comments you know i always love to hear from you.

Love Always,

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  1. I have seen pictures of the rain and flood and I can't even imagine the chaos. Sheesh! On a rainy day, I'd rather be in bed enjoying Netflix

    1. It's just scary. It's even raining right now and I'm just worried. Thanks for reading love.

  2. Netflixing means a lot of things..So yes Netflix it is!!!

    1. Netflix if MTN decides to function properly lol.
      Thanks for reading love.

  3. Netflix-ing could mean a lot of things..So yes Netflix it is!!!


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