30 things that make me happy


Recently I've been in an unending great mood and counting your blessings seem like the best thing to do.

Hello everybody and my glazed lovers.
Happy Thursday!
Happiness comes in various forms, from people and experiences down to material things or your favourite TV show, here are 30 things that make me happy.

1. Life

2. Golden Morn Cereal

3. My family.

4. Tayo ( My friend in the picture, his friendship means a lot to me) and Ebuka ( that's currently dealing with NYSC at the moment) - Love you guys.

5. Laughing

6. Binge watching TV series 

7. Oversized Tees

8. Pedicures and Manicures

9. Hitting publish after writing a blog post 

10. Renewed Internet data bundles 

11. Long soak in the bath

12. Free WiFi 

13. Hotel Robes and room services

14. Road trips

15. Being called 'baby'

16. Looking at myself in the mirror 

17. Shopping and Thrifting Trips.

18. The McClure twins - Ava and Alexis.

19. Cooking.

20. Crossing things out of my to-do list.

21. Sleeping in.

22. Workouts.

23. Vacations and Staycation.

24. Blowing bubbles.

25. The feel of silk. 

26. Boat rides.

27. Eating out with friends.

28. Sunrises and Sunsets.

29. Chocolate - plain with nothing inside.

30. The smell of air after it rains.

Those are 30 things that make me really happy. What makes you happy? Do let me know in the comments, you know I always love to hear from you.

Love Always,

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