My Top 5 Youtube Couples

My Top 5 YouTube Couples Appeared First on Bronzed Out. Youtube is about  fun and relaxation and people that give you #Goals!  I th...

My Top 5 YouTube Couples Appeared First on Bronzed Out.

Youtube is about  fun and relaxation and people that give you #Goals!  I think most youtubers are more concerned about the checks (not like it's a bad thing), this has, sadly, taken the fun away from the platform.

Hi Everybody and my glazed lovers!
Happy  Tuesday!
If you missed my previous post (it's 5months old!) I was talking about my favorite youtubers, do check it out Here.
In no particular order, these are my favorite YouTube couples.

1. Khalil And Corie

I don't remember how I discovered this two, but what caught my attention was their adventure vlogs. These two dated for 4years and broke up...  But guess what?!  They're back together, cute as ever! 
Check them out Here

2. De'arra and Ken
I think the reason I'm obsessed with these two is how awfully adorable they are. Their videos are engaging, hilarious and sure will keep you locked down.
From their legendary pranks and everything in between, these duo are fun to watch.
Check them out Here

3. Ronke Raji and Arthur 

Ronke and Arthur love story isn't from this world at all. I started following ronke for her makeup tutorials and when I spotted a boyfriend tag video, the chemistry was so real, you can feel it in your soul!  These two got engaged recently after dating for 7 years!! #goals.
I can't wait for Arthur to make another cameo on Ronke's channel.
Check a video Here

4. Jackie Aina And Dennis 

Nigerian Spice and Ghana Jollof (it. Sounded better in my head). 
Jackie Aina and Dennis are EVERYTHING!  I can't wait till Dennis pops that long awaited question, but till then, I enjoy watching them.
Check Here for a video.

5. Tolu ( Don't Jealous Me)  and Yemi
Yemi and Tolu have been sweethearts since their college days. These two and their videos makes me go 'aww'. 
Yemi and Tolu are serious #goals!
Check their channel out Here

Who are your favorite YouTube couples?  Do you love any of the couples I have on this list?  Do let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading.
Love Always,

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  1. Jackie and Dennis are engaged lol look at her finger. !!!


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