Woman Inspiration Wednesday: Sarah Aluko

Woman Inspiration Wednesday is a Q&A series that focuses on celebrating women that inspire me and have made achievements in ...

Woman Inspiration Wednesday is a Q&A series that focuses on celebrating women that inspire me and have made achievements in their various fields. This series started first on BronzedOut.com

Hi lovelies!  Happy HumpDay! 
How's everyone doing? 
I promised to be more consistent with my posts and here I am!

Woman Inspiration Wednesday is a random thought of mine aimed at celebrating women, in the most chilled and relaxing way (there would be something for the guys too, soon!).

I first found Sarah on instagram when I bumped into one of the many excerpts from her book, First Born, and I've been sprung! 
I reached out to her and she replied in the most loveliest way! 

Hope you enjoy this Q&A (it's fun, I promise)

1. 5 songs for a perfect soundtrack 
• Beyonce - School Of Life
• Skepta - Man
• Kirk Franklin - Hosanna 
• Vybz Kartel - Summer Time
• Destiny Child - Independent Woman 

2. 7 words to describe Sarah Aluko 
• A recovering undercover-over-lover
• Open
• impulsive 
• Hardworking 
• Soft
• Fun

3. 8 things you're most grateful for
• Life itself 
• My Family 
• Poetry 
• Music 
• My church 
• my eyebrows 
• my gym membership 
• Books 

4. 3 essentials in your closet 
• sports bra
• White Shirt
• Topshop Jeans

5. 5 things you can't live without  (we know the obvious lol!) 
• mascara 
• earphones 
• my journal 
• internet access 
• my running trainers 

6. 4 places you'd like to visit
• Taj Mahal
• Grand Canyon 
• Niagara Falls 
• Red Lobster 

7. 3 things on your bucket list 
• sleep in a tree house 
• go on a skiing holiday 
• Make a round-the-world creative documentary 

8. 3 things that scare you 
• Cats
• Falling in and then out of love
• indecisive people 

9. 3 quotes you live by 

'if you can't be on time be early'

'those that don't hear will feel'

'you miss 100% of the shots you didn't take -  W. Gretzky'

10. Your Unpopular opinion 
I actually prefer Basmati rice 

11. What makes you unique 
That no-one in the world was born on the 13th of August to my parents, I'm literally one of a kind lol. 

12. Daily Ritual 
• Quiet time with myself 
• Gym 
• Writing 
• Work 

13. Dear woman of colour... 
"Black women to  learnt to love themselves until they were full
Until they don't need yours 
Until they realized their own was enough"
- Full (a poem from First Born  by Sarah Aluko) 

Thank you so much to Sarah been accommodating and to you, my lovers, for reading. 

Connect with Sarah 
Instagram  | Buy Her Book Here

Love Always, 

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