Tips And Tricks For A Fashion Week Rookie

I like to think i was lucky because my first time at a Fashion Show was as an intern to a stylist. I went to the shows with her, got tick...

I like to think i was lucky because my first time at a Fashion Show was as an intern to a stylist. I went to the shows with her, got tickets on the days she wasn't attending and I made friends.

Hi Everybody and my glazed lovers.
Its officially the beginning of the Fashion Week Season in Lagos, Nigeria.
Today marks the beginning of the famous Lagos Fashion And Design Week and everybody is in town for this! Literally Everybody.

Here are 5 tips to apply as a fashion week rookie (I'm definitely going to use these valuable tips)

1. Wear What You Have
Except you're a celeb or basically a rich fella that Shopping for fashion week isn't much of a big deal for you.
But, if you're neither, stick with what you have. There's nothing worse than waking up and discovering you went bankrupt or you're in debt trying to "fit in". Send those oufits to the Dry Cleaners and let them give it some TLC. Its really confidence that matters.

2. Take Pictures 
There's nothing worse than not documenting your First Fashion Show. Stop a random stranger and "beg" to have pictures taken. Better still, Arrive early enough to be captured by street style paparazzi, It doesn't hurt to feel like Kim K for a day or three (Don't forget to stalk that photographer for your pictures).

3. Go With Your Best Buddies
There's this confidence that comes with been with your partner or partners in "crime", #SquadGoals?! Go with your most stylish friends, walk in a group and Slay!

4. Eat!!!
This was one thing I forgot to do before attending a show. You don't know what designer you get to fall in love with and you decide to stay 'till the end.
Get a sandwich or two, maybe three and enjoy. You don't want to be like me, last year, driving around Lagos looking for food after Mai Atafo's exhibition ended at 1am.

5. Attend Workshops 
I'm not sure if the "fashion week workshops" happens at every fashion week around the world. As much as I know of, There are a few classes or workshops going on at Lagos Fashion And Design Week and GTBank Fshn Wknd, that you can attend and learn from.
What better way than to leave a fashion show with all the pizzaz and drama, inspired.

I hope you liked this mini guide and If you're attending any Fashion Week, I hope it helps you out.  If you have any questions regarding this or any tip you'd like to contribute  please leave me a comment, you know I always love to hear from you.

I'd be sharing tips on outfits that are Fashion week worthy in my next post. Thank you so much for reading.

Much Love,

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