Woman Inspiration Wednesday : Coco Anetor-Sokei

" I'm doing that thing again where I step back and examine my life.  Only difference is this time I'm doing it with a bag ...

" I'm doing that thing again where I step back and examine my life.  Only difference is this time I'm doing it with a bag of gourmet popcorn and a bottle of Ribena (as opposed to the old-fashioned whipping rod)"

Hi everyone and my glazed lovers. 
How are you doing?  Happy HumpDay!!
So, it's another edition of Women Inspiration Wednesday.  If you missed the first one with Writer and Poet Sarah Aluko, Please check it out HERE .

I virtually bumped into Coco on twitter, and whats striking about her is her smile and of course her skin color. I reached out to her with my questions and yes, it's worth sharing with you beautiful people.

Hope you enjoy, Don't forget to leave me a comment and follow her social media 
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1. 5 Songs For A Perfect Soundtrack 

• One Republic - I lived
• Anthony Hamilton - I did it fo'sho
• Walk The Earth - Red Hands
• Tjan - Your Smile
• Little Mix - Shout Out To My Ex

2. 9 Words To Describe Coco Anetor-Sokei

• Hungry
• Brilliant 
• Shy
• An Awesome Friend 
• Curious 
• Honest / Open

3. 8 Things You're Most Grateful For 
• Life
• My baby Girl 
• My mum
• My Family 
• My Support System (Friends)
• My Brain 
• Being Able To Survive A Ridiculous Amount Of Nonsense 
• Being Able To Learn And Grow Everyday

4. 3 Essentials In Your Closet
 • Blue Jeans 
• Tees
• Tanks / Singlets / Boxers

5. 5 Things You Can't Live Without - We know the obvious lol! 

• Food (duh lol!) 
On a serious note, I've actually learnt that there's nothing I cannot live without, Except God. 

6. 4 Places You'd Like To Visit 

• Florence, Italy. 
• Marrakesh 
• Tokyo
• Calabar, Nigeria.

7. 3 Things On Your Bucket List

• Go On A Food Tour in Another Country 
• Either Go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping. I'm not doing both. 
• Hot Air Balloon Over Somewhere In South Africa 

8. 3 Things That Scare You 

•  The Thought Of Not Being Able To Give  My Daughter The Life I Imagine For Her.
• Never Reaching My Full Potential 
• Flying Cockroaches 

9. 3 Quotes You Live By

• "Dare To Be Different"
• "No Be Me Kill Jesus"
• "Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well"

10. Your Unpopular Opinion 

" Love At First Sight Is A Myth "

11. What Makes You Unique? 
The fact that I am me, and no one else can be more me than me. 

12. Daily Ritual (s)

• Pray
• Press Phone 
• Look For Light 
• Press Laptop / Hustle 
• Look For Food

13. Dear Woman Of Colour...  

You Are Beautiful Through And Through 
You are Brave And Strong And Capable
you May Bend And Sway (as we all do) 
But Believe You Me, 
You Are Unbreakable. 

Thank you all so much for reading, Don't forget to leave me a comment, you know I always love to hear from you. 

Love Always, 

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