3 Self-Love Tips I Learned In 2017

I'm so happy to say that this year, I genuinely did focus on taking care of myself more. I'm totally guilty of neglecting my feel...

I'm so happy to say that this year, I genuinely did focus on taking care of myself more. I'm totally guilty of neglecting my feelings and thoughts to help others with theirs, but guess what?! I'm important too.

Hi peoples and my glazed lovers.  
How's everyone doing?
Happy Holidays!
Today was a long day, let's just say I had a light-bulb moment for this post, Why not put it up before I sleep?
Here we go!

The Journey of self discovery and love for me, has not been the easiest. If you follow this blog, I've been talking about how to treat yourself (Read HERE ) and Why You Deserve To Treat Yourself (Read HERE)  And trust me when I say, those posts received a lot of positive response and I hope this helps too.

2017 is almost over and it's very important to reflect on your Lessons and better yourself in the forthcoming year. I feel like, these festive seasons puts a lot of pressure on people that you tend to neglect yourself. People get so carried away trying to pull up and perform their best in front of family., thereby ignoring the real reason... Love.

I mean how would you love those around you if you don't love yourself? I totally believe that we're only able to give when we have a balanced amount of love and care for ourselves.
These are 3 Self-love tips I learned in 2017 because Self love is such an important topic and it can't be talked about enough.

• Disconnect To Reconnect

When was the last time you were still? When was the last time you were able to kick back and relax without the constant distraction?
One of the major things I learnt this year, is to put the phone down (or off) and enjoy the moment. It’s honestly refreshing to disconnect from the internet and social media, Not easy but totally worth it!

• Take The Leap

Firsts aren’t so bad. Do things you’d usually not do ; Take a spin class, try a vegan meal, go the the club alone. There’s no better experience.
You don’t have to skydive to do things you’re scared of!

• Know When To Leave Your Comfort Zone

I know have easy it is to let go, but knowing when to take charge of things is very important.
Don't get too comfortable.

Please Remember, it’s okay to not always be on a1 peak performance. It’s totally okay to shut down and rewind, live certain moments. I hope these tips helps you as much as it did me.

What lessons has 2017 tought you? Do let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading.
Enjoy the holidays.
Love Always,

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