Oh hello there!

Welcome to Bronzedout.com

My name is Dami (pronounced  Dah-mee), the girl behind the blog. I'm 21 ( I feel like this is turning into those chats when you're asked about yourself).

About Dami.
I'm Dami Ojetunji, a twenty-one year old fashion stylist, blogger and Vlogger living in Lagos, Nigeria. This blog was birthed out of producing content for a fashion magazine which wasn't as fun because I couldn't be my self, because where's the fun creating content for somebody else? 

About Bronzed Out.
I started blogging as far back as my high school days and in 2012, I started a 'gossip' blog called  Shoogarr And Spice, which didn't go well.

Bronzed Out Started in March, 2017. As the name implies, Bronzed out celebrates Women of colour (my glazed lovers, as they are known).
This blog includes everything that is relevant to an average twenty-something.
It's a place to find your personal style and also find yourself.
A place that shows you that you're absolutely not alone.
I really hope you like it here.

Thank you for stopping by xx

For more enquires, mail me at Dami@bronzedout.com.