As Bronzed Out is one of my sources of income you'll definitely find some form of advertising here and there.

There's no pop-up advertising or side bar advertising except when there are sales I want my readers to know about - for example ASOS, Zaful.
I participate in sponsored posts both on this blog, my social media and YouTube channel. I will only work with brands I genuinely love and I made of regardless of payments.

I also make use of affiliate links - mainly shop style collective. This means that if you buy anything, I get a quid or two in commission. This doesn't increase sale price in no way.

I also get PR or sample products from brands,be sure that gifted products will be mentioned in the post and all my opinions remain the same, which means I'll only feature the product if I genuinely love it and will pay for it.

For more information and enquiries 
Mail me at Dami@bronzedout.com